Why use Fresh.Point

What are the benefits of using Fresh.Point?

  • It takes only one online form to initiate a flawless and timesaving workflow between traders and food laboratories that examines product samples against one or several standards.
  • Most of the laboratories use the Fresh.Point interfaces to directly send the results to the database, saving time and administrative costs.
  • In Fresh.Point traders can review single test results or assess comprehensible reports that are automatically generated. They can use this information to design more efficient and effective sampling plans.
  • If needed they can use Fresh.Point Analytics to look at the data from every imaginable angle.
  • Traders may choose to share anonymised data to learn even more about potential risks.


Frequently asked questions / Facts

  • ChainPoint is the owner of the Fresh.Point software platform
  • Each Customer is owner of his data.
  • The German Fruit Trade Association (DFHV) analyses regularly the anonymized data in order to identify potential risks.
  • ChainPoint decides on new developments, supported by an expert group.
  • ChainPoint offers technical support to the connected laboratories in order to deliver data efficiently (via interfaces)
  • Fresh.Point offers also additional Add-Ons (i.e. Analytics)


The solution is interesting for you, if …

  1. … residue testing is crucial for your business.
    If you deliver to traders or retailers that ask for fulfilment of specifications regarding residue contamination it could help your business.
  2. … your company takes higher amounts of samples/year (>100)
    If higher amounts of samples (>100) have to be managed you can save time for registration (copy functions, results can be added or interfaced directly by the labs) and management (approval, analyses).
  3. … your company participates in certification programs and needs a structured residual monitoring.
  4. … you work with different labs and is there the need of standardization.

Download a Fresh.Point information package here