ChainPoint will visit India to promote Fresh.Point
June 17, 2015
Article in Asiafruit Magazine on Fresh.Point
September 19, 2015
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Fresh.Point featured on Fruitnet

Fruitnet FreshPoint

Fresh.Point was featured on Fruitnet, the international magazine for fresh produce buyers in Europe.
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Software firm targets India

A traceability management software firm is targeting Indian producers with its residue sampling programme

ChainPoint, a Dutch traceability solutions software company, is promoting its pesticide-residue-sampling programme Fresh.Point in India over the coming months.

Several ChainPoint representatives are touring fruit and vegetable companies in the Mumbai area this week (21-26 June), and further field trips are scheduled in July and August.

ChainPoint says it is keen for Indian companies interested in finding out more to contact them via its website

“ChainPoint will be visiting India this summer to demonstrate solutions that can help Indian producers reduce risks and prevent loss from rejected cargo,” ChainPoint’s Peter Derksen told Fruitnet.

“One of our solutions is Fresh.Point which is an online residue monitoring solution including advanced analytics. With it companies can automate the sampling process and get valuable insight into potential risks.”

With Fresh.Point, fruit and vegetable companies can automate sampling by connecting to testing laboratories and by gathering data collected into one single database for further analysis.

“Using Fresh.Point companies can quickly identify hot spots and deal with these accordingly, helping to ensure their products will be accepted in Europe. Risks are minimized and more control is gained over the originating plantations, giving insight in the quality and consistency of each individual plantation,” Derksen said.