DFHV: procurement of citrus from overseas increasingly more difficult

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January 5, 2016
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January 31, 2018
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DFHV: procurement of citrus from overseas increasingly more difficult


On behalf of the German Fruit Trade Association (DFHV), the Technology Transfer Center Bremerhaven has analyzes the residues of pesticides in citrus fruit from overseas.

“The results for the years 2010 to 2015 are clear” according to DFHV CEO Dr. Andreas Brügger. “It is difficult for producers to provide goods for the German market, which meet the increasingly stringent private standards. On the other hand the improved analysis and the development of resistances, complicate keeping up with compliance to the required maximum residue levels.” The results of DFHV study match with the international flow of goods from the year 2015. DFHV endorses the recommendations of the study authors. They are demanding more flexibility towards individual situations rather than rigid rules. The common goal should be a sustainable environment, coupled with less food waste and economic success. The study explains the risks and technological challenges at producer level, in order to ensure the future compliance with German quality standards in terms of pesticide residues in the pre- and post-harvest. It takes into account the sustainability of citrus production and a long-term supply to the German market with citrus fruits from overseas.

Non DFHV members can order the abstract of the study (16 pages) at DFHV in Bonn for the price of 25 Euro (info@dfhv.de).