ChainPoint: Connecting Supply ChainsChainPoint is the owner of the Fresh.Point software solution. It is offered to companies active in the fruit & vegetable supply chain, looking for ways to improve their sampling and residue monitoring processes.

Traders, retailers and schemes are free to join Fresh.Point. ChainPoint charges a standard fee per product sample, which ensures a fair distribution of the operating costs of Fresh.Point.

A Committee of Experts comprising of representatives of traders as well as the DFHV supports the developers of ChainPoint. The Committee evaluates the functioning of Fresh.Point on a regular basis and advises ChainPoint on the further development of the platform.

Please contact us, for more information on Fresh.Point or other software solutions to improve sustainability, quality and reduce costs.

Bettina Hundt
T: +49 (0) 228 26 73 485

ChainPoint offices
Mr. EN van Kleffenstraat 12, 6842 CV ARNHEM (NL)
Emil-Nolde-Straße 7, 53113 BONN (D)
29 rue Romain Rolland, 44100 NANTES (F)

Download a Fresh.Point information package here